Beginning and Ending

  • How long will homesharing agreement last?
  • How much notice is needed to terminate the homesharing agreement?


  • Eat together? Schedule?
  • Shopping and meal preparation?
  • Kitchen privileges?
  • Use of refrigerator, freezer, pantry, and kitchen storage space?

Habits and Preferences

  • Daily life (work, sleep, wake-up, and bathroom schedules)?
  • Temperature preferences?
  • Smoking? Pets? Noise level? Alcohol use?
  • Television habits?


  • How much is the rent; when is it due?
  • Are utilities included in the rent?
  • Buy food together?

Sharing Tasks, Space, and Things

  • What areas of the home will be shared and what areas will be private?
  • Who is responsible for household tasks?
  • Laundry? Storage space?